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"The range of tones and sounds featured throughout make it almost unclassifiable,
a truly wonderful sideshow
of pop music ...

The instrumentation is woven with a delicate and deft touch. At any given time, the listener can focus upon any of the various elements and clearly decipher what dish it brings to the dinner table."

- Zach Hodson, The Deli Magazine

Claire Adams

Songwriter and band leader Claire Adams is an experienced musician, having played in bands in Kansas City and Nashville for the last decade. She plays guitar, ukulele, and mandolin on top of her duties as band namesake, and has yet to meet an instrument she hasn't given a try.

Major influences for Claire include Bob Dylan, Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney, Arcade Fire, Paul Simon, Patsy Cline, Neutral Milk Hotel and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Always musically curious and adventurous, Claire isn't afraid to cross-pollinate between rock, pop, folk, and punk.

Her other current projects include Katy Guillen & The Girls and Quirk & Ruckus. Her favorite foods are mangoes, butter, asparagus, and bacon (but not all at once!).

Katy Guillen

Katy plays guitar and mandolin in C&CS, as well as in other projects Katy Guillen & The Girls, The B'Dinas, and Quirk & Ruckus. Master of many styles and slave to none, Katy's guitar wails the blues and weeps flamenco. In spare time this half-Mexican mamacita likes to cook a mean Paraguayan tortilla while sipping on a Corona with lime.

Peter Lawless

Peter brings his skills on the accordion and bass to C&CS. He's also an accomplished saxophonist, guitarist, composer, arranger, and bandleader involved in many projects, including The B'Dinas, Found A Job, Waldo Jazz Collective, New Century Follies, and Black House Collective. Favorite things include beer and classic Simpsons.

Teri Quinn

As clarinetist and occasional guitarist for C&CS, Teri brings both her classical training and her rock 'n roll attitude to the mix. Extra-curricular activities include participating in the new music ensemble Black House Collective, composing and songwriting, mastering the banjo, and becoming fluent in the language of cat meows.

Katelyn Jamison

Katelyn plays bass and occasional accordion and keyboard in C&CS, as well as providing backing vocals. Her other projects include keyboardist for The B'Dinas and backing vocals in Found A Job. The former Katelyn Boone met her husband right here in the Crowded Stage. She's from Canada but she deals with it with grace and aplomb.

Brent Jamison

Brent is keyboardist, backing vocalist, and resident comedian of C&CS. A talented songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and producer, Brent brings his arsenal of abilities to such projects as Kodascope, Bearing Torches, The Dynamite Defense, and his own Brutus Buddies. He doesn't remember where he met his wife.

Stephanie Williams

As drummer for the Crowded Stage, Stephanie Williams delivers the beats that keep the gang rocking and rolling. She's an experienced and precise drummer, and has been a part of many bands. Currently she is a member of Katy Guillen & the Girls.
" I felt like I had heard something
refreshing and secret.
It was something earnestly angry, but without the need to feel sustained by the anger. "

- James P. McNamara, Demencha Magazine

"Claire and the Crowded Stage is
full of enduring talent
that will only get better with time. This isn't just a group of musician friends who are aimlessly plucking away on guitars or noodling around on a piano. Their sound is
purposeful and polished.
They weren't thrown together by accident; this crowd was brought about to give local music a good name. "

- Alex Peak, The Deli Magazine

" Crowded, indeed.
It was all the best kinds of sounds
joyful, raucous stuff, and perfectly danceable. "

- Natalie Gallagher, The Pitch